Monday, October 27, 2014

10/27/14 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Kelly's Lot "Don't Give My Blues Away"

Kelly Zirbes returned with the Kelly's Lot new album, Don't Give My Blues Away for the COUCH KID NEW MUSIC SEGMENT this week.

We spoke about what she has been up to since she first sat On The Couch back on July 15, 2013, the places she's been and we listened to cuts from the album.

10/27/14 Dave Specter Sat On The Couch

Dave Specter has earned an international reputation as one of the premier talents on the Chicago blues scene and around the globe.

His latest album, Message In Blue was released this past May and has received wonderful reviews across the board.

Dave and I spoke about his teen years in Chicago, the late age he picked up a guitar and the incredible mentors he found along the way.  We also discussed the music on the new album and his the vocalists he has worked with over the years.

10/27/14 Marcia Ball Sat On The Couch

Marcia Ball is a word-class keyboard player with an incredible vocal talent and has performed at festivals and clubs around the globe. The singer/pianist has been blending Texas blues, Louisiana swamp ballads and New Orleans second-line rhythms into her distinctive roadhouse roots-rock for 30 years.

Now her 13th album, The Tattooed Lady & The Alligator Man has been released and Marcia is creating a stir all over again.

She and I sat and discussed her long career, her early influences and how they impacted her musical choices, her thoughts bend being with only two labels for her entire career and the new album.

10/27/14 Howard Glazer Sat On The Couch

Howard Glazer is a masterful guitarist whose deep-voice vocals are expressive and solidly delivered. He draws from a wide musical background to create a powerful blend of serious blues, rock and acoustic compositions, yielding an uncompromising sound.

His fifth album, Looking In The Mirror, was released on October 21st, and Howard joined me and shared some incredible stories.  The chat room was a buzz with comments about what a great story-teller Howard is and he has met and performed with so many people, he has the stories!

Monday, October 20, 2014

10/20/14 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Grady Champion "Bootleg Whiskey"

Grady Champion returned to The Couch to talk about his new album, Bootleg Whiskey which dropped last month.

Grady originally took a Seat On The Couch way back in January of 2012.

We explored what he has been up to and I asked a question I asked in his first interview, "If you had not won the IBC, would your career be the same?" ... did Grady answer in the same way?

Listen in to find out!



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Grady Champion’s Segment Begins At The 2:27:23 Mark

10/20/14 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Rory Block "Hard Luck Child - A Tribute To Skip James"

Ms Rory Block returns with her latest gem, Hard Luck Child - A Tribute To Skip James, a full week before it releases!

Rory and I talked about what she has been doing since her last visit on June 17th of last year and explored her new album, the fifth in her Mentor Series.

Rory is just fascinating to speak with and adds so much detail to her music.



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Rory Block’s Segment Begins At The 1:34:19 Mark

10/20/14 Hurricane Ruth Sat On The Couch

The band Hurricane Ruth consists of Hurricane Ruth LeMaster on vocals, Dave Lumsden on guitar, Gary Davis on bass and Jim Engle on drums.

They originate from central/southern Illinois, packing venues throughout the region. Critics and fans hail their shows as powerful, raw, emotional and dynamic.

Their new album, Born On The River, consists of 11 originals that prove their reputation as tthe Ultimate Blues Rock Experience.

Hurricane Ruth joined me to talk about her early years, growing up in Illinois, how music grabbed her and how Blues finally found her.  We chatted about how the current band came together and the making of this new album.



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Hurricane Ruth’s Segment Begins At The 50:45 Mark

10/20/14 Low Society Sat On The Couch

Mandy Lemons and Sturgis Nikides stopped on by to talk about their band, Low Society and the new album You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down.

Sturgis Nikides plays the blues but does it with a flavor of rock and roll, from its origins in delta blues to its far dark alternative edge. Together with Mandy's, their music cuts deeply, while retaining the origins of the genre.

We sat and talked about Sturgis' development in New York City and why he strayed from the Blues for a while.  Mandy discussed growing up in Houston and the music she performed there before moving to New York, where they met and partnered in music and life.

We also talked about and played music from the new album.  These two are not shy and are a lot of fun!



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Low Society’s Segment Opens The Show

Monday, October 13, 2014

10/13/14 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Sena Ehrhardt "Live My Life"

Sena Ehrhardt returns for COUCH KID NEW MUSIC for her new album, Live My Life.

Sena originally sat on The Couch back in May 2013, and we talked about what her life has been since then, including her dad leaving the band and her joining forces with Cole Allen in her new lineup.

10/13/14 Bob Corritore Sat On The Couch

Bob Corritore needs no introduction.

Maybe an explanation as to why it has taken so long to bring Bob on the show; well I interviewed him for American Blues News a number of years ago, he has visited during my IBC shows and somehow, my brain turned that into him having appeared on a Monday show!

When I realized my mistake, I reached out and Bob accepted.

10/13/14 The Generation Blues Experience Sat On The Couch

Generation Blues Experience is the joining of 14-year old Ray Goren, who has played guitar at the Chicago Blues Festival and with Buddy Guy and more.

He was introduced to 80-year old bluesman, Jamie Bluesboy Powell and septuangenerian harpist Sammy Lee.

10/13/14 MacKenzie Blues Band Sat On The Couch

Out of Ontario, Canada comes the MacKenzie Blues Band.

Consisting of classically trained vocalist, Tara MacKenzie, guitarist Trevor MacKenzie, bassist Joel Dawson & drummer Mike Weir, they have just released their sophomore album Slam! Bam!, containing 12 originals.

10/13/14 Couch Kid News - Keaton Simons "The Noise Beneath The Apple"

Couch Kid Keaton Simons came by to talk about a new project he is promoting.

The Noise Beneath The Apple is a book by Heather Jacks featuring profiles on 35 Buskers in New York City.

Monday, October 6, 2014

10/06/14 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Kirby Sewell Band "Girl With The New Tattoo"

Kirby Sewell returns with his new album, which dropped this past week. Entitled Girl With A New Tattoo it is a sure fire winner.

I spoke with Kirby about all that has happened in his life and career since he took his Seat On the Couch back in July of 2012.

10/06/14 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Liz Mandeville "Heart 'O' Chicago

Liz Mandeville returns with her new album, Heart 'O' Chicago and we talked about what she has been doing since she last sat here in August of 2012.

We talked about the new album and all the special guests Liz brought in.

10/06/14 Terry Hanck Sat On The Couch

Terry Hanck fell in love with California in the early 60's and also found his love of music there.

He has has been nominated Best Instrumentalist Saxophone in the BMAs, winning once and has won numerous other awards.

Monday, September 29, 2014

09/29/14 Couch Kid New Music - Robin Banks "Modern Classic"

Robin Banks originally Sat On The Couch back in June of 2012 and on this night she returned with her great new album, Modern Classic.

We talked about what she had been up to the last two years and where she hopes to be in the next two years, while we played selected cuts from the album, a mix of Blues, Jazz, R&B and Reggae sounds that will always keep your ears happy.

She also told us about the ghost in the studio...and that happened after we had ended the live feed, so you only get that story on the podcast!

09/29/14 Etta Britt Sat On The Couch

Etta Britt began as a country singer in a group called Dave & Sugar until she was asked why she was singing country and being told she was an R&B singer and should listen to some Delbert McClinton.

Delbert appeared on her 2012 release Out Of The Shadows and after being asked to perform on Delbert's Sandy Beaches Cruise, Etta decided to record Etta Does Delbert, an album of Delbert's songs.

We talked about her career, her relationship with Delbert and so much more with this talented lady.

09/29/14 Jordan Patterson Sat On The Couch

Jordan Patterson released his debut album, Give Me A Chance, in 1996 and was was an immediate hit in the Blues world, performing at festivals and clubs worldwide.

Then one day, he just stopped.

For the last 10 years he has done tour management, and concert& event promotion for Britney Spears and others and worked for House Of Blues Concerts Canada.

He is back making music and he has released an EP entitled The Back On Track Recording Project in advance of the full-length album this winter.

09/29/14 In Layman Terms Sat On The Couch

In Layman Terms is Cole Layman, 17, and Logan Layman, 14.

They have a passion for the blues and write original, foot-stomping music. I met them in Memphis at the 2013 IBC and was immediately taken with their talent and maturity and LOVE of the Blues.

Their new EP's entitled It's The Blues and we sat together and talked about how they have gotten to where they are today. They've both been on the show a the IBC and during the wrap-up show, but this made them official "Couch Kids".