Monday, August 18, 2014

08/18/14 Anthony Rosano Sat On The Couch

Anthony Rosano and The Conqueroos are out of Norfolk, VA and have made it to the semi-finals of the International Blues Challenge twice since forming in 2012.

Their new album “Get Rood” debuted earlier this summer and they have been playing a ton of gigs, so it was great when I could snag Anthony to join me.

We talked about his life and career, how the Conqueroos came into being and what he cooks in his kitchen when he is not on the road.

08/18/14 David Vest Sat On The Couch

David Vest is called a fabulous, foot-stompin’ roots-rocker and boogie-woogie piano player.

He has played with Big Joe Turner and Hubert Sumlin to name two and he wrote the first songs recorded by Tammy Wynette.

His new album is entitled Roadhouse Revelation and he joined me to chat about his fabulous career and  the new album.

Check out the interview and find out what food David compared to the blues...

08/18/14 Forrest McDonald Sat On The Couch

Forrest McDonald was seven years old when he first heard blues man Josh White perform and as he puts it, “I was hooked!”

In the summer of 1964 he hitchhiked to NYC where he met and was influenced by Muddy Waters. From there, it just kept happening for Forrest and now, he has released his 12th album Turnaround Blues.

Forrest joned me and we talked about his career and being in the right place at the right moment to meet some of the legends of the business along the way.

He also kept it real about some of the musicians out there today…go find out who and why.

08/18/14 COUCH KID NEWS - Sunday Wilde Says Thanks

Couch Kid Sunday Wilde just won the Independent Music Award "Vox Populi Award" for the second time and she came by to talk about it and thank her fans.

 It's what we do here at Music On The Couch for our Couch Kids!

Monday, August 11, 2014

08/11/14 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Davina & The Vagabonds "Sunshine"

Davina Sowers returned for a COUCH KID NEW MUSIC SEGMENT to discuss the new Davina & The Vagabonds album, Sunshine.

We spoke about what the band has been doing since her last appearance and also what they are planning for the future while we listened to tunes from the album.

This segment went past the live stream time-frame, so you can only hear some of this here on the podcast.

08/11/14 Deanna Bogart Sat On The Couch

Deanna Bogart is an award-winning musician whose fans value the diversity of her genre-free zone.

She won three consecutive Blues Music Awards' Horn Instrumentalist of the Year for 2008, 2009 and 2010., and was a nominee for the Pinetop Perkins Piano Player of the Year Award in 2013.

She has won, at last count, more than 20 Wammies, the music awards for the hotly contested Washington, D.C. region.

Her new album is just a wish away and Deanna joined me to talk about her remarkable career and the music on the new album.

We had a fun time together and, we are going to do it again soon - what a wonderful woman!

08/11/14 The Hound Kings Sat On The Couch

The Hound Kings are the San Francisco Bay Area’s newest acoustic blues trio. With Michael A. Benjamin aka Alabama Mike on vocals, Anthony Paule on guitar and Scot Brenton on harp, the three released the album, Unleashed last year and it was nominated for a Blues Music Award in the Best Acoustic Album category.

Mike & Anthony joined me to talk about their individual careers before the Hound Kings and then how they came together and what their future plans are for this band.

08/11/14 Bridget Kelly & Tim Fik Sat On The Couch

Bridget Kelly is the front woman for, The Bridget Kelly Band out of North Florida. The band is Bridget Kelly – vocals, Tim Fik – guitar & vocals, Mike Hamm – bass, Michael Barady – drums. 

Their 2013 album, Back In Blues was the North Central Florida Blues Societies entrant into the Best Self Produced CD drung the 2013 IBC.

Their new album, Forever In Blues was just released in June and has gained them new fans aroucnd the globe.

Bridget and Tim joined me to talk about their life and how they got to where they are today and where they are going tomorrow.

08/11/14 Share Your Recipes For The HART Fund

Chefjimi Patricola came onto the show to discuss the Cookbook he is organizing to benefit the HART FUND.

If you are interested, send him an email to blues - put in the subject line Hart Fund Cookbook and he will send you the links and information to enter your recipe and be a part of this great cause.

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Chefjimi’s Segment Opens The Show

Monday, August 4, 2014

08/04/14 COUCH KID NEW MUSIC Arsen Shomakhov "Dynamic"

Arsen Shomakhov originally sat on The Couch back in 2012 and then came by during the International Blues Challenge earlier this year.

On this night he returned to talk about his new album Dynamic which drops on August 12th.

We discussed what he had been up to since his last Monday visit and talked about the album while listening to a few songs.

08/04/14 Alexis P Suter Sits On The Couch

Alexis P Suter is coming to The Couch for the first time and we are lucky to have her appear a full week before her new album, Love The Way You Roll drops.

Alexis and I sat and talked about her life, how she found music and how she met the rest of the Alexis P Suter band.

Of course we spoke about the influence Levon Helm had on her across the years and I also got a "you did your homework" comment from Alexis...something that always makes me feel like the interview is going well.

And we listened to cuts from the album which drops on August 12th!

08/04/14 Blues 411 Report with Chefjimi

Back for the first Monday in August to discuss the PA Blues Festival and more...

08/04/14 Alastair Greene Sat On The Couch

Alastair Greene formed his first blues rock trio back in 1997 and over the years it has included alumni of the Steve Miller Band, Paul Butterfield Band and Junior Wells Band..and that is saying a lot!

The new album is entitled Trouble At Your Door and Alastair joined me to talk about his life and career.

We had a grand time discussing his growth as a musician and listening to songs from the new album...

Go find out which question prompted Alastair to say "Hey, you did your homework, didn't you?"

08/04/14 COUCH KID NEWS - Terry VunCannon Talks About The Healing Blues Project

Terry VunCannon from Lawyers, Guns & Money came on to talk about The Healing Blues Project, where faculty and students from Greensboro College are teaming with area musicians to work with local storytellers who are clients of the Interactive Resource Center struggling with issues including homelessness and post-traumatic stress disorder to turn their stories into blues songs.

We also heard the LG&M song for the project, Walkin'.

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 10 - Tall City Blues Fest Day 2

Day 2 of The Tall City Blues Fest began early...the show was on at 11am CDT and I had to set up my equipment once again.

The entire day was L-O-N-G, as it didn't end until about 2am CDT when I finally had to leave the Midnight Troubadours event in the basement of The Doubletree Hotel....but it was an awesome day...

Music was fantastic all day, it went off without any major delays and I think we ended the main stage 10 minutes later than planned.

First I will share the show podcast and then some pictures from the stages all day.

More pictures coming in a post that will appear on Wednesday!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 9 - Tall City Blues Fest Day 1

We hit the road at 1:30am and drove all night, arriving at about 11:15am... LONG A** DRIVE THROUGH TEXAS!

Dick drove the first shift, then I took over until I started to fade and then Dick finished off the trip.

Got here, did my show from the lobby of the Doubletree Hotel and then changed to begin the day as MC of The Tall City Blues Fest Presented by Mazda Midland/Odessa.

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 8 - Houston Night

After the wonderful morning, we went back to our hosts home and relaxed for a few hours before heading back intoHouston for a performance at The Shakespeare Pub.

Kyle & Tiffany, the owners and Jason the manager treated the band right with some good food before hand and the Houston Blues Society represented well with a nice size crowd.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 8 - Houston Daytime

We woke and drove into the city to the Texas Children's Cancer & Hematology Center to do a show for the patients, their families and staff...whoever was in the waiting area of the Clinical Care Center.

All I can say is my eyes were most most of the time - with joy - watching the kids and adults taking some time away from their issues to enjoy.

I was sitting next to a small boy (maybe 2-3) whose sibling was the patient.  And I was clapping to the music and looked over and this little by was smiling and began to clap... MY HEART MELTED!

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 7 - Wednesday In Houston

Looooonnnnggggggggg drive to Houston.  Took us 11 hours to get here.

Then Sonny, Dick, Joe and I go to the wrong house and the door is opened by this young girl who looks shocked and fearful of these four road worn guys!

We ask for Boyd and she is clueless and says "wait a minute"  The door closes and a few minutes later mom comes to the door to tell us we are at the right number, but the wrong street!

Thankfully firearms were not involved.  We start to walk down the path and see a guy waving at us from about 4 houses down... Hoping it is Boyd we walk toward him...YES! it is Boyd Bluestein, who along with his bride Pam are hosting a dinner party for us and also allowing the four of us to sleep in their home (Tas had other accommodations so he could be across form the hospital for the next morning).

My Week As A Tortured Soul Day 6 - Clarksdale, MS

We left Indianola and headed to Clarksdale and arrived at the Riverside Hotel... HISTORIC!

So many people have stayed or visited here from Muddy t Ike Turner (Rocket 88, was penned here), Sam Cooke, The Blind Boys Of Alabama and is the hospital (which it was originally) where Bessie Smith passed after her car accident.

We were given a tour by Z, the granddaughter of the woman who purchased the propert in the 40's...she is third generation owner of the establishment - her father Ratt, who passed last year.

As her father did for years, Z gave us a tour of the rooms and explained who stayed in which room.. so very cool.