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SHOW # 124 - 09/10/12


The third of our Roundtables. For this roundtable, we have invited four of the most prolific Producers working today. In addition, all are talented musicians in their own right.
Scott Abeyta is founder and president of Rip Cat Records, where he has also produced some of the great music from their roster.
Boo Mitchell is the son of legendary Willie Mitchell who ran Royal Studios in Memphis until his death. Boo has taken over the operations there and has produced music by Al Green, John Mayer, Solomon Burke and many others.
Dave Gross has worked with Debbie Davies, Gina Sicilia and Matt Hill among others, producing their music. He is also a skilled musician who appears on many of the albums he produces.
Stephen Dees is a great bass player and also co-owner of Wildroot Records. He plays with Victor Wainwright and The Wildroots and produced their last album. he is also working with a number of other artists in that capacity.
The guys were open and informative giving their thoughts on the role of a producer, how much a producer should put their imprint onto an artist's material and so much more. Each also offers up the one thing a musician should know before entering a studio.

SHOW # 125 - 09/17/12


Franc Robertcaught the fever from Eric Clapton in 1980 and has been working his guitar ever since. In 2010 he formed the Boxcar Tourists.  In 2012 he was a challenger at the IBC as a solo artist.
Now the band has released a new album Mulligan Stew and Franc joined me to discuss his career and the new album. Franc discussed his love of the blues and how he navigated the world of family, fatherhood and work to continue his career. We listened to tracks from Mulligan Stew and Franc shared with us the thoughts behind the songs.



BRAD HATFIELD - Segment Begins At The 48:05 Mark

Brad Hatfieldbegan playing guitar at 10 years old. When he was 25 an accident ended his career as a guitarist. He was now in search of another instrument to channel his creative outlet. The harmonica became that instrument. His debut album Uphill From Anywhere is a collection of solid blues music from this Cincinnati native. Brad and I discussed his early career and the accident that changed his life.  He was open and honest about the struggles he overcame to get back onto a stage. Brad talked about his father appearing on his album and his desires to get out on the road and bring his talent to the rest of the country.



ALBERT CASTIGLIA - Segment Begins At The 1:30:40 Mark

Albert Castigliabegan playing guitar at 12 and has gone on to play for Junior Wells and Sandra Hall before going out on his own. Fans worldwide have been thrilled by his textural playing and it is showcased again in his latest album Living The Dream. Albert sat with me for a truly informative interview.  Albert has so many feelings about music and the world and he shared many with us. Find out what question made Albert say "Gee, I had not thought about it that way, and it probably was..." 

SHOW # 126 - 09/24/12


Lisa Biales began her career at 13 and has released 6 albums on her own label since then. She weaves a down home blues vernacular with finger style guitar to create songs that feel like they have been around forever. Her latest is entitled Just Like Honey, which could be a description of the way she vocalizes her music. Lisa and I followed her path from childhood to the present day and discussed her musical growth.


DOUG BRINEY - Segment Begins At The 51:05 Mark

Doug Briney began like so many other musicians, singing in church. His first solo was when he was two years old. During his college days, Doug had the opportunity to sing with a gospel quartet and travel all over the western half of the USA. He lives in Alaska and is steeped in country music. His album, It's All About Country is out and Doug has a number of nominations because of it. Doug discussed his journey from California to Alaska and his hopes for his musical future.



PAULA HARRIS - Segment Begins At the 1:34:10 Mark

Paula Harris and her band placed third in the 2012 IBC and won the 2012 Monterey Blues Festival Battle Of The Bands. She delivers a mix of Impudent, Humorous, and Naughty Lyrical content in a Fusion of Blues, Funk and Jazz. With her band, The Beasts of The Blues and her horn section, The Big Ass Brass, Paula has just released Turning On The Naughty. Paula joined me and we laughed and talked about her life and career and she also discussed her wonderful article regarding her experiences at the 2012 IBC, a MUST-READ for any artist or band who will be in the challenge in the future.


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