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I was born in The Bronx, NY in 1954.  My family moved to Commack, LI when I was 3 years old and I lived there until I went to college in Rochester, NY in 1972.  At the age of 16, a friend and I began using his CB radio to broadcast music and do our own "radio show" - my love of sharing music was born.


On day 2 at R.I.T., I walked into the radio station on campus, WITR, and began doing a show the very next day.  Over the next four years I did shows late in the evening and early in the morning.  With a music library of over 50,000 albums, and no playlist, I was able to explore and grow my knowledge of music.  I also spent two years as Program Manager during the time we went from a 'carrier current' station to an FM station.  My last show on WITR was the day before I left the campus having graduated.


I did do some fill-in shows at the local FM station and after graduation, continued my love of radio with a show on The Kaleidoscope Network (they supplied pre-recorded shows to radio stations who did not want to hire overnight staff, so I was heard on small stations around the country).


In my 30's, I worked as a wedding DJ/Entertainer, which allowed me to stay in music, though playing songs that were not on my playlist at home.


Music On The Couch grew out of an online group revolving around Taylor Hicks back in 2005.  My intial blog is Big Leather Couch, where I did reviews of the American Idol shows that season.  It grew to include personal posts and observations on life each day.


Eventually, my love of music entered the scene and I began to write reviews of current albums and conduct wrtten interviews with musicians. These archives are now found at Tuneage Tuteledge.


I also began sharing some of my fiction (dark and spooky), which you can find at Couch Matinees and my love of food and cooking, which is found at Mangia Y'all.


In 2010, I decided I needed to do something more and Music On The Couch was born on Blogtalk Radio.  Since then I have been honored to speak to hundreds of musicians and those in the business about their lives and careers.  I have cataloged these shows for you in the Internet Radio Section of this site.  You can also go to iTunes and subscribe to the weekly shows and they will be automatically be downloaded to your iTunes Podcast Collection each week.


Since 2012, I have also set up the show at the Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale Street in Memphis, TN during International Blues Challenge Week.  For that week I interview the Challengers in town competing, music industry executives, other musicians who come in for the networking and fun and even fans. You will find all of these shows in the IBC Section of this site.


In 2013, I expanded further to include Club and Festival Booking Services for a small group of talented Blues Artists.  You will find their pages in the Artist Booking Section of this site.


That same year I began offering TOUR SUPPORT for acts looking to increase their exposure while on the road.  You can learn more about this on the Tour Support page.


If you need an MC for your event, I am your man.  Whether it is a small affair or a Festival, I will bring my years of experience to your event.  Learn more on the Festival Partnership page.


Please contact me with questions about any of this, or just to say HI!


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