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Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With

"Musicians You Should Know"

JULY 2012
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SHOW # 115 - 07/02/12


The Strata-Tonesdescribe their music as "Down in the Alley Rhythm & Blues. Take no prisoners. No one gets out without feeling the groove." Their album, Dressed Up To Fess Up is chock full of tight, hard music and powerhouse vocals as you would expect from a partnership of veterans who have come together and found the groove which each member had searched to find. The band told of their lives from childhood and the music played in their homes, which influenced them later in life. We discussed their debut album and spoke about a few of the songs on the album. Do you know what "T.W.F.S.", one of the songs on the album, stands for? Well, listen in and find out!



BLUES 411 REPORT - Segment Begins At The 41:50 Mark

The Debut of the Blues 411 Report with Chefjimi Patricola!

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SUE PALMER - Segment Begins At The 1:00:03 Mark

Sue Palmer came to us through Ms. Wendy DeWitt, who graced The Couch back in April. Sue, like Wendy, is a serious Boogie-Woogie Piana player with a ton of chops. She is the recipient of the 2010 San Diego Music Awards "Best Album" honors and has even had a day named after her in San Diego (listen in to find out when!). We also discussed Sue's partnership with Candye Kane throughout the 90's and how that shaped her career. Throughout we listened to songs from the soon to be released Party Favorites (drops July 15th) and also one from the One Night In Belgium album she and Candye released.


SHOW # 116 - 07/09/12


Darryl Gregoryhas had a winding journey to where he is today. A classically trained trombonist he spent a decade or so playing in symphonies and big band jazz bands. Darryl and I sat and discussed this winding road and how he ended up steeped in a country sound. Turns out, it all started when he was too young to select his own music! We explored some songs on his release Big Texas Sky and learned about his upcoming plans.



BERNIE PEARL - Segment Begins At The 48:36 Mark

Bernie Pearllearned his upbeat, finger-poppin' picking style at the elbows of bluesmasters like Sam 'Lightnin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb and Mississippi Fred MacDowell. Years of access to some of the greats in the folk and blues world through his brother's club The Ash Grove, Bernie has developed his unique stylings for the songs for which he was mentored. Bernie told us stories of how he met some of the greats and his time as the first full-time blues DJ in Los Angeles. We listened to tracks from his latest album, Sittin' On The Right Side of The Blues and found out the meaning behind the album title. This album is up for a Blues Blast Award for Best Traditional Blues Album.



WILL JOHNS - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Segment Begins At The 1:41:04 Mark

Will Johns first joined me back in February to share his life and music. At that time he mentioned a new album being worked on and promised that, when it was ready, he would bring it to Music On The Couch first. True to his word, Will sat with me and we discussed the recording of what he calls during the interview "his masterpiece", Hooks And Lines. The album is slated to drop on July 13th, but you get to hear some of it here first!


SHOW # 117 - 07/16/12


Sybil Gage is an award winning Jazz and Blues singer/songwriter who has been compared to Eartha Kitt, Dinah Washington, Pearl Bailey, Corinne Bailey-Rae, Laura Nyro, and Janis Joplin.  Her latest album, NOLA Calling was nominated for Best Self Produced CD by the International Blues Challenge of Memphis 2011. Sybil and I chatted about her life growing up in New Orleans, her time in New York honing her craft and the wonderful life she has found for herself in South Florida We also listened to songs from NOLA Calling.


CEE CEE JAMES - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Segment Begins At The 48:00 Mark

Cee Cee JamesSat on The Couch back in August of 2011 and we talked about her current album Low Down Where The Snakes Crawl. I was then able to see and feel this dynamic singer live at the King Biscuit later in the year. On this night, Cee Cee brought her new album Blood Red Blues on the night before it dropped internationally. We discussed working with the legendary Jim Gaines and his working to get the best our of Cee Cee.  While listening to some songs, we discussed the birth of the songs, the process by which Cee Cee uses to get the music out and her plans for the year, which includes visits to a good part of the country.


SHOW # 118 - 07/23/12


Hailing from Southern California, singer/songwriter/composer Lawrence Lebo is an artist who is enthralled with and dedicated to American Roots Music. How did this SoCal gal become so into the music she represents? How did she juggle a career, family and finally completing her education? What does she have in store for her fans with her next album? What songs did she sing as she walked along the street as a young girl? If you are a fan of Lawrence's or just interesting in finding out more about this woman with a powerful voice and love of the blues, then check out our conversation and check out the music from her album Don't Call Her Larry - Volume 3 - American Roots



BISCUIT MILLER - Segment Begins At The 43:18 Mark

After honing his skills playing behind people like Lonnie Shields, Mojo Buford, Anthony Gomes and others, Biscuit Miller is out on the road working his latest album Blues With A Smile hard, but he is enjoying every last second of his time. Biscuit called in from Maine as he was walking off stage from performing his music for a packed house. WHAT A GUY! We had the best talk about his life and career. We corrected some bio information out in the public and Biscuit let us in on some great stories from his past. All the while we played music from Blues With A Smile and heard some information about his next album...and Biscuit said he would bring it to The Couch when it is ready.



JACK ROWEL JR - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Segment Begins At The 1:45:10 Mark

When Jack joined me back in September of 2011, he shared some very rough cuts of new music he was working on. On this night, he brought the finished product. The album is entitled Sleeping With The Blues and you will truly enjoy what Jack has dished up on this tasty platter. Jack and I discussed the recording of the album and the origins of some of the songs.


SHOW # 119 - 07/30/12


Ask Bobby Pizazz who he is and he will tell you, "I have a song in my soul, I have a story that must be told. As I write these songs, I tell of life...I'm a Music Story-Teller, a Song Man" Bobby honored us by taking a seat on The Couch on this evening and brought with him stories of success and sorrow both. Bobby tells us a story that "has never been told on air before" regarding his accident in 1991. He shares his history without any hesitation and talks about his feelings for world peace.



PROFESSOR HARP - Segment Begins At The 48:35 Mark

Boston's Hugh Holmes was a Gene Krupa-inspired drummer until 1969, when an encounter with George Smith left him so enamored of the harmonica he dropped the sticks and picked up the harp and has not looked back since. After years of playing with the likes of Solomon Burke (who gave him his nickname) and even playing with Muddy Waters, Professor now has a album out of his music. I sat with the Professor and we discussed his incredible life and how he looks at himself now after all these years. We spoke of all this while listening to cuts from They Call Me The Professor - The Undaunted Professor Harp.



KIRBY SEWELL - Segment Begins At The 1:37:10 Mark

The Kirby Sewell Band creates a unique combination of Blues, Rock, Gospel, Country & Soul music. Kirby Sewell joined me to discuss his life and career and we checked out cuts from the latest album, Bought Myself A Hammer. Kirby spoke of singing from an early age and his journey to the band he currently fronts. He talked of his trip to Memphis last year and wanting to return.


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