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From fuBAR (2nd Floor)

The Rum Boogie Cafe On Beale Street

Bringing The IBC To You LIVE

2016 IBC

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SHOW #301 - 01/04/16 - IBC PREVIEW SHOW #1
RANDY MCQUAY - 2015 Solo/Duo Winner / 2012 Lee Oskar Harmonica Player Winner
Randy talked about his last year and the opportunities he has been afforded after winning.  He also stressed "being yourself" throughout.
MIKEY JUNIOR - 2011 Lee Oskar Harmonica Player Winner / 2012 Band Finalist
Segment Begins At The 31:40 Mark
Mikey shared his IBC experiences and his love for the event.  He also talked about the marketing part of the event and how important that is, no matter how you do at the challenge.
JEFF CHAZ - 1991 National Amateur Blues Talent Contest 2nd Place
Segment Begins At The 1:02:04 Mark
Jeff spoke about the event, of which he could not share a lot of details, but did share the vibe of the time.  We also spoke of his opportunities in Memphis back then. 
Segment Begins At The 1:32:06 Mark
Tim and I spoke about his winning and then coming back to compete the next year and why he felt he did so well one year and not so well the next.  He also spoke at lenght about the mindset needed for the Challenge.  During our talk we shared new music from his album So Low
SHOW # 302 - 01/11/16 - IBC PREVIEW SHOW #2
Michele Seidman and Terri Robbin, the two women behind The National Women In Blues joined me to speak about the spectacular showcase they put on each year during IBC.  This year they are moving to Beale Street where they will be in Alfred's on Friday. We learned a little of the history of the NWIB and spoke about this year's lineup.

EDDIE COTTON JR - 2015 Band Challenge Winner

Segment Begins At The 33:02 Mark

Eddie and I discussed his year and the opportunities he took advantage of from his win at the IBC.  He also talked about having the right attitude, being focused and performing to the audience to have the most success.




Segment Begins At The 59:10 Mark

DR. JANICE JOHNSTON returned to discuss the wonderful Health Clinics she and her group of volunteers offer to all IBC Challengers and fans FREE!  She talked about additional screenings they are able to add this year, the need for volunteers and some of the other things the H.A.R.T. Fund is doing to aid musicians with healthcare everyday of the year.



GREG SLIM LIVELY JOHNSON - President Cascades Blues Society/IBC Volunteer / 2016KBA Recipient

Segment Begins At The 1:31:53 Mark

Greg told about how he became involved in the Blues and the Blues Foundation.  He gave us small peeks behind the curtain to let everyone know the many moving parts it takes to run this event successfully. 



SHOW #303 - 01/18/16 - IBC PREVIEW SHOW #3

JOE WHITMER - COO for the Blues Foundation

Joe is the man who is behind the success of the IBC. It all starts and ends with Joe and he talked about the most important aspects and guidelines of the Challenge that bands and fans alike should follow. 



MICK KOLASSA -  Blues Foundation Board Member, Musician and IBC Judge 

Segment Begins At The 32:45 Mark

Mick always brings some incredible insights regarding the judging process and how the Challengers need to ready themselves. HE also talked to the fans coming to support their acts and how they can help, and harm thier acts chances. He also stayed around with Tas Cru to discuss tj Tuesday Night Jam.



TAS CRU -  Jam Master for the Tuesday Night Jam at Rum Boogie Cafe & IBC Judge

Segment Begins At The 1:02:00 Mark

Tas has hosted the Tuesday Night Jam for the last 6 years.  This year the jam benefits Generation Blues and Tas spoke about the way the jam is run, his work with Blues Education Programs and his time as a Challenger and now as a judge, offering his advice.



RICKY STEVENS - IBC Venue Coordinator

Segment Begins At The 1:33:30 Mark

Ricky shared his unique insights into the IBC for both Challengers and fans alike. This was a great segment.  Ricky shared some wonderful advice. 



SHOW #304 - 01/26/16 - IBC LIVE SHOW #3
Opening Night for the IBC
Interviews On This Show:
Juliana & The Soul Purpose Band - Central Iowa Blues Society Youth Showcase
Johnny Polk & Johnny Riley - Memphis Blues Society Solo/Duo Challenger
Emerald City Blues Band - South Sound Blues Association Youth Showcase
Tas Cru Jam To Benefit Generation Blues Web-cast LIVE

SHOW #305 - 01/27/16 - IBC LIVE SHOW #2


Interviews On This Show:

Tamara Nicolai - Musician, Tas Cru & His Band Of Tortured Souls - IBC Judge

Bridget Kelly Band - North Central Florida Blues Society Band Challenger & Couch Kid

Lazy Eye - Adelaide Roots & Blues Association Band Challenger

Mark Telesca - South Florida Blues Association Solo/Duo Challenger

Twice As Good - Clear Lake Blues Society Band Challenger

Steve Suen - Owner, Biscuits & Blues, San Francisco, CA

Deuce 'n A Quarter - Columbus Blues Alliance Band Challenger

KALO - Topeka Blues Society Solo/Duo Challenger

Bobby Blackhat Band - Natchel Blues Network Band Challenger

Zack Salsberry - Natchel Blues Network Youth Showcase

Tripwire - Blues Society Of The Ozarks Band Challenger

Grace Kuch - Colorado Blues Society Youth Challenger

James Nagle - The Blues Hound KPFT 90.1FM

Blind-Dog Gatewood - Piedmont Blues Preservation Society Solo/Duo Challenger

David Julia - South Florida Blues Society Youth Showcase

In Layman Terms - Blues Ridge Blues Society Band Challenger & Couch Kid

Lloyd Johnson Jr - Owner Teddy's Juke Joint, Zachery LA

The Paul DesLauriers Band - Montreal Blues Society Band Challenger


SHOW #306 - 01/27/16 - IBC LIVE SHOW #3


Interviews On This Show:

Patrick Branson - Producer/Director of America's Blues, the official DOcumentary Of The 2016IBC

Mindfreakz - Blues At Bridgetown Youth Showcase

A.J. Fullerton - Mile High Blues Society Youth Showcase 

Debra Power - Calgary Blues Solo/Duo Challenger

Barbara Newman & Paul Benjamin - CEO/President & Chair Of The Board Of Directors At The Blues Foundation

Fat Bastard Blues Band - Triangle Blues Society Band Challenger

Amanda Fish Band - Musicians & Fans & Couch Kid

Seth Williams - Piedmont Blues Society Youth Showcase - appeared with Madi Heath

Lampano Alley - Blues Asia Network

Mississippi Fever - Musicans & Fans & Couch Kids

Billy Joe Daniel - Natchel' Blues Network Solo/Duo Challenger

Koolaide & The Exact Change Band - Topeka Blues Society Band Challenger

The 800's - Topeka Blues Society Best Self-Produced Entry


SHOW #307 - 01/28/16 - IBC LIVE SHOW #4
Interviews On This Show:
Juke Rockets Blues Band - Maine Blues Society Band Challenger
Sharon McConnell Dickerson - Sculptor - 2016KBA Recipient "Casts Of The Blues" 
Miss Whiskey - Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society - Solo/Duo Challenger
Hurricane Ruth - Musician & Couch Kid
Chris Yakopicic - Dayton Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger & Couch Kid
Trimmed & Burning - Austin Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger
Eugene Johnson & Company - St. Louis Blues Society - FINALIST BAND
Kids For The Blues
Regina Bonelli - Long Island Blues Society - Couch Kid
Joyann Parker & Sweet Tea - Minnesota Blues Society - Band Challenger
Big Bo - Dutch Blues Foundation - Solo/Duo Challenger
Matthew Robinson & The Jelly Kings - Austin Blues Society - Band Challenger
Jimmy Nick - Crossroads Blues Society - Band Challenger
Fistful Of Bacon - Kentuckiana Blues Society - Band Challenger
Eight O'Five Jive - Nashville Blues Society - Band Challenger
Kim Doolittle & the Wolfgang Brothers - Loyal Blues Fellowship - Band Challenger
J.L. Fulks Band - South Florida Blues Society - Band Challenger
Vintage #18 - Central Virginia Blues Society - Band Challenger

SHOW #308 - 01/28/16 - IBC LIVE SHOW #5


Interviews On This Show:

Emily Edwards - Author "Bars, Blues & Booze" along with musician Max Russell

Mike Livermore - VP Mississippi Valley Blues Society

Rex Peoples - Colorado Blues Society - Band Challenger

The Joe Tellman Band - Dayton Blues Society - Band Challenger

Franc Robert - Suncoast Blues Society - Solo Duo Challenger - Couch Kid

Markey Blue - Nashville Blues Society - Band Challenger - Couch Kid WORLD PREMIER FROM THEIR UPCOMING ALBUM!

Eric Ramsey - Phoenix Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger

Dreamboogie - Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society - Band Challenger

50 Shades Of Blue - Mile High Blues Society - Band Challenger

Ilana Katz Katz - Musician & Fan & Couch Kid

Mick Kidd & David Blight - Adelaide Roots & Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger

Pina Brothers - Topeka Blues Society - Youth Showcase

Niecie - Musician - WIB Showcase Participant & Couch Kid

Noel Hayes - Radio DJ and 2016 KBA Recipient

Route 111 - Long Island Blues Society - Youth Showcase

Amanda Rey Band - Ozark Blues Society - Band Challenger


Shaun Murphy - Musician - Fan - Couch Kid

The Beat Daddys - Musicians & Couch Kid

Brother Sun Sister Moon - Musicians, WIB Participant 


SHOW #309 - 01/29/16 - IBC LIVE SHOW #6
Interviews On This Show:
Chris O - Sydney Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger
Jesse Black - Kentucky Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger
Altered Five Blues Band - Paramount Music Association - Band Challenger & Couch Kid
Tall City Blues Fest - Music On The Couch Festival Partner
Big Bones - Golden Gate Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger
Andrew Wheeler - Capital Region Blues Network - Solo/Duo Challenger
Bing Futch - Orange Blossom Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger - SOLO GUITAR WINNER
Greyhound George & Andy Grunert - Baltic Blues - Solo/Duo Challenger
Bad Mules - France Blues - Band Challenger
Stolen Hearts - Musicians & Fans & Couch Kid
Wellbad - Baltic Blues - Band Challenger
Daytona Blues Festival - Music On The Couch Festival Partner
Spa City Youngbloods - Spa City Blues Society - Youth Showcase
Michael McCarthy - Blues Society Of NW Florida - Solo/Duo Challenger
Jay Pollman - Grand River Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger
Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack - Musicians & Fans & Couch Kids
SHOW #310 - 01/29/16 - IBC LIVE SHOW #7
Interviews On This Show:
Dom Forcella - Blues Blogger, Musician
Butts & Blues BBQ - They combine great Rubs & Sauces with Great Blues
Billy Evanochko - Musician, Fan & Couch Kid
April Mae & The June Bugs - 2nd Story Blues Alliance - Band Challenger
Barbara Diab & The Smoked Meat Band - Musicians & Fans
Noah Wotherspoon - Musicians & Fan  - 2nd Place Band in 2015 - Couch Kid
EEF - Musician & Fan - Part of The WIB Showcase
RB Stone - Musician & Fan - Couch Kid
Clarence 'Bluesman' Davis - Musician & Fan
Louisville "White Lightning" Curtis - Minnesota Blues Society - Solo/Duo Challenger
Tomcat Colvin - Blues Asia Network Founder - Original Member of Lampano Alley
Time Gap - Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation - Youth Showcase
Lizzi Neal Band - Musician & Fan
Kentucky Blues Crusade - Kentucky Blues Society - Youth Showcase
Jake Kulak & The LowDown - Connecticut Blues Society - Youth Showcase
King Kom Beaux - South Sound Blues Association - Band Challenger
Shirley Waring - President Of Vicksburg Blues Society - Joined By Terry Duffie, Radio Station Onwer & Builder
Southern Avenue - Memphis Blues Society - Band Challenger - BAND FINALIST
SHOW #311 - 02/01/16 - IBC WRAP-UP SHOW

This show included my thoughts on the week and we also spoke with:


Innervision – Columbus Blues Alliance – Solo/Duo 2nd Place – Sam Shephard also won the Lee Oskar Harmonica Award - Segment Begins At The 12:35 Mark

Dave Muskett – Indy Crossroads Blues Inc. – Solo/Duo Finalist & Couch Kid – Segment Begins At The 35:05 Mark

Bing Futch – Orange Blossom Blues Society – Solo/Duo Finalist – Solo Guitar Award Winner – Segment Begins At The 46:40 Mark

Paul DesLauriers Band – Montreal Blues Society – Band 2nd Place Winners – Segment Begins At The 1:03:00 Mark

Blind Dog Gatewood – Piedmont Blues Preservation Society – Solo/Duo Challenger

Norman Jackson Band – Lake Of The Ozarks Blues Society – Band 3rd Place Winners – Segment Begins At The 1:28:20 Mark

Rob Lumbard – Central Iowa Blues Society – Best Self-Produced CD Winner – Segment Begins At The 1:52:00 Mark


Unfortunately, we were not able to connect with Solo/Duo Winners Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons or with Band Winners The Delgado Brothers and The Gibson Guitar Award Winner, Joey Delgado.



01/04/16 - IBC PREVIEW SHOW # 1 - 9:00pm - Midnight

01/11/16 - IBC PREVIEW SHOW # 2 - 9:00pm - Midnight

01/18/16 - IBC PREVIEW SHOW #3 - 9:00PM - Midnight

01/26/16 - IBC SHOW # 1 - 8:00pm - 11:30pm - Generation Blues Jam Hosted By Tas Cru web cast from 8:45pm - 11:30pm

01/27/16 - IBC SHOW # 2 - 11:00 am - 2:00pm

01/27/16 - IBC SHOW # 3 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

01/28/16 - IBC SHOW # 4 - 11:00am - 2:00pm

01/28/16 - IBC SHOW # 5 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

01/29/16 - IBC SHOW # 6 - 11:00am - 2:00pm

01/29/16 - IBC SHOW # 7 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

02/01/16 - IBC SHOW # 8 - 9:00pm - Midnight - WRAP-UP SHOW - ALL WINNERS AND MORE CALL IN

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