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Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With

"Musicians You Should Know"

MARCH 2011
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SHOW # 48 - 03/07/11


Nelson Emokpae grew up in Nigeria and he is now living his American Dream. As Nelson stopped at a rest area in New York State on his way to his next gig in Maine, we spoke about his journey to this point and his desires for his life and career moving forward. Nelson described his love of meeting his fans and his hope that his music inspires the young generation who have embraced one of their own. 



Margaret Bernstein - Segment Begins At The 49:15 Mark

Margaret Bernstein grew up with it all. Supportive parents and family, exclusive schools, a talent as a musician. What she has done with those benefits is to create wonderful music and, more importantly she creates programs for schools to teach about the world of emotional abuse and how to stop it from happening. I was honored to sit with Margaret and listen to songs from her album Bricks In The Wall, which follows the journey of someone coming to the realization that they are in an abusive relationship. 



SHOW # 49 - 03/14/11


Chinua(Shin-wa)Hawk is an incredibly talented singer. His smooth vocal tones reach back to the great R&B of the 80's.  Add to that, some serious skills as a songwriter and a heart as big as the world. Chinua and I talked about his upbringing in New Jersey, his appearance with Celine Dion at the infamous Madison Square Garden and his inspiring work in Africa.



jsin - Segment Begins At The 49:15 Mark

From Toronto, jsin comes with his love of the rock of the 90's including a huge affection for the sounds of Guns and Roses. The results are a new take on that old rock. I talked with jsin about his youth growing up, the difficulties of being an independent musician and his new love, acting.


SHOW # 50 - 03/21/11


You begin singing as a child in churches and choirs. You hook up with some great musicians and you become a hit in your local area for many years. You stop to have children and raise your family and then try to get back into the music scene. Sound like a recipe for disaster? Maybe for some, but not for Ms. Lucy Hammond. Lucy sat with me on The Couch to talk about her life and career and how her rejoining the blues world is going. She then ended up joining me during my second guests appearance and that was a blast!



J.P. CORWYN - Segment Begins At the 50:00 Mark

J.P. Corwyn plays rock and roll. His music is well crafted, his voice is huge and he is one hell of a guy. JP and I sat and discussed his life and career. Yes, we discussed his blindness, but only in the smallest terms, because it is JP as musician that interested me. Blind, one arm, red-headed (you have to listen to understand), it does not matter. What matters is the top grade sounds coming out of Florida and Mr. J.P. Corwyn. J.P. also got a call asking if he was looking for a new muse. Did he accept? Listen and find out!


SHOW # 51 - 03/28/11


Matthew Davidson is 13-years old, but has a guitar soul of a 30-year old. He was featured in this years International Blues Challenge in the Youth Showcase and wowed the crowd. Matthew sat with me and we talked about his learning to play and the mass of stars he has shared the stage alongside. We heard some live music from his performances and took plenty of calls from adoring young ladies.



GRAND MARQUIS - Segment Begins At The 47:00 Mark

From Kansas City comes the band Grand Marquis. They were finalists at the 2011 International Blues Challenge and they really excited the Orpheum crowd. I got to sit with Bryan Redmond and Ben Ruth from the band to discuss their history. How they grew up, the music that influenced them and the formation of the band itself. We also got to heard cuts from their album Hold On To Me.


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