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Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With

"Musicians You Should Know"

JUNE 2011
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SHOW # 60 - 06/06/11


Jeremy Bustillos is a fine harp player and musician. His career is slightly different than those we have sat with prior, as Jeremy is a member of the US Navy Band! Jeremy is also an accomplished saxophonist. I was pleased to sit with Jeremy and explore his youth and how he got into music. We discussed his career as part of the Navy Band, and we got to hear an original song Jeremy had just completed in the studio.



BRYAN LEE - Segment Begins At The 36:47 Mark

Lee is originally from Wisconsin, but for the better part of 30 years he has called New Orleans his home. Known as the "Braille Blues Daddy" (Lee has been without sight since he was 8-years old), Lee was once told by the great Muddy waters, "Bryan, stay with this. One day you're going to be a living legend." Bryan sat on The Couch and we discussed his journey. We touched on his youth and moving to Chicago. His years playing there and then his move to New Orleans. 


SHOW # 61 - 06/13/11


Carlos del Junco is the best harp player you probably do not know.  His list of awards and honors is impressive; winning Harmonica Player of the Year - at the Canadian Maple Blues Awards 7 times, was nominated for the Juno Award (Canada's Grammy) for two of his albums, and won two Gold medals at the 1993 Hohner World Harmonica Championship. I sat with Carlos and we discussed how the harp has become a part of his life, his influences and his desires moving forward.  We caught some great tunes from his album Mongrel Mash.



DANNY DJANGO - Segment Begins At The 52:40 Mark

A native of Colorado, Django describes himself as "Woody Guthrie with digital capabilities" and has been compared to Tom Petty and Neil Young.  Danny and I discussed his life growing up in Colorado, how music became part of his life and his future plans to continue to share his music with the masses. We also heard music from his album Child Indigo.


SHOW # 62 - 06/20/11


Beth McKee performed with the sensational New Orleans based country-cajun group Evangeline. She is now out on her own with the 2009 release I'm That Way, a tribute to legendary Louisiana songwriter Bobby Charles. On this night, she came and sat on The Couch to discuss her life, loves and career. This woman is the real deal. Her music is uplifting and fun and she can play the piano like a demon.



VICTOR WAINWRIGHT - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Segment Begins At The 50:48 Mark

Victor Wainwright first sat on The Couch in June 2010 and returns to The Couch with NEW MUSIC!  He came back to share the newest album from Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots, Lit Up!, which is a winner in every sense. We listened to a number of tunes and chatted about the recording process, Victor's frustrations with the music scene in Memphis and his plans for the future. Beth McKee hung around and joined in the discussion.


SHOW # 63 - 06/27/11


Elam McKnight and Bob Bogdal love making music.  They have both been doing so for years and now they have partnered to form Big Black Hand and record Zombie Nation. The two sat with me and discussed their individual pasts, their coming together and the hopes they have in moving forward as a rising force in the new blues scene. Take a seat and find out more about Elam and Bob.



AL STONE - Segment Begins At The 46:30 Mark

Al Stone has been playing guitar for over 40 years and has been on the road for 30 or more sharing his music with fans throughout the USA and beyond. He has now released the album I Want It All, which he recorded 15 years ago. All of this fueled by the internet and his fans getting the word out far and wide. Al was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame and appointed Blues Hall of Fame Ambassador to Jacksonville, FL. in 2010. Al and I sat and discussed his great career, his support for Operation Music Aid, whose goal is to help injured men and women in our military through music therapy.

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