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Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With

"Musicians You Should Know"

JULY 2011
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SHOW # 64 - 07/11/11


Charlotte Sabina has been playing piano for three years and guitar for two. For her birthday, her parents surprised her with time in a recording studio with producer/guitarist Jeffrey Lee Campbell (Jon Bon Jovi, Sting, Aretha Franklin, Michael Bublé). Charlotte sat on The Couch and proved that age on the planet is not age of the soul. A well-spoken young lady, Charlotte has a desire to be the best she can be.



LISA SHEPPARD - Segment Begins At The 36:50 Mark

Lisa Sheppard was born in Houston, TX and her parents immediately began surrounding her with music, taking her to concerts as early as 7 years old. Her mom was friends with Elvis Presley, George Jones, and rockabilly pioneer Tommy Sands, whose fan club she ran. Lisa then took those roots and began to discover discovered the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, and the Eagles, and at age nine she started guitar lessons. We discussed her new album Neon Lights and her love of cooking.


SHOW # 65 - 07/18/11


Ryan Michaels grew up with instruments all around, as his family owned an instrument store. When he was finally old enough, the draw of Nashville was too much and he moved to go to school and to learn more of the music industry. Now, he and his band are out working it hard and promoting their album Life Is For The Living. Ryan and I discussed his life, his desires and listened to songs from the album.



VINCENT HAYES - Segment Begins At The 50:22 Mark

Vincent Hayes is the leader of The Vincent Hayes Project. The band was nominated for the 2011 Blues Music Awards for Best New Artist Debut category. Their album Reclamation is being honored from all corners. We listened to songs from their fantastic album Reclamation, and Vincent sat with me to discuss how his love for the blues was born and his journey to get to where he and his band are garnering so much love from the blues family.


SHOW # 66 - 07/25/11


As a child, she studied classical music playing the piano and violin and even writing songs at the age of five to mourn the loss of her pet rabbit. Olga talked about how she met Jessie Mae Hemphill and how that changed her life. Her new album is Whatever You Want, and it is different from her past three releases, yet it is still rooted in her love of the music of the Mississippi Hill Country.



OLI BROWN - Segment Begins At The 49:30 Mark

It has only been 10 years since Oli Brown first picked up a guitar and today he is touring the US and heading back to Europe to continue a year long series of gigs around the world. Oli talked about the feelings the first time he picked up a guitar, what memories of his childhood and his desire to be the best he can be every day. He also discussed his wins at last year's British Blues Music Awards and his 5 nominations this year.


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