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The International Blues Challenge occurs in late January/Early February each year in Memphis, TN


Blues Societies from around the globe hold Local Challenges to select one band and one solo/duo act to come to Memphis to compete against the world.  The Local Challenges are run by the same rules as the International Challenge and are judged by the same criteria.


I began interviewing acts coming to Memphis in 2011 during my normal Monday shows, finishing with an interview with the Band Winner, The Lionel Young Band, on the Monday after the competition ended.


The next year, I presented a proposal to the Blues Foundation to do my shows from Beale Street and since 2012, I have been situated upstairs at The Rum Boogie Cafe (Third & Beale) for the week.


Since then I have spent over 160 show hours specifically focusing on the IBC, whether they were preview shows or the LIVE web casts from Beale Street. These shows have over 40,000 downloads and they continue to get downloaded to this day.


All IBC Related Shows are linked from this page.

Quick Link - IBC Show Archives By Year

                27th IBC 2011         28th IBC 2012          29th IBC 2013          30th IBC 2014          31st IBC 2015


               32nd IBC 2016        33rd IBC 2017          34th IBC 2018          35th IBC 2019          36th IBC 2020 

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