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Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With

"Musicians You Should Know"

MARCH 2012
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SHOW # 100! - 03/05/12

Sista Moniac Parker had difficulties and was resecheduled


KENNY LEE LEWIS - Segment Begins At The 35:40 Mark

When you are given the opportunity to interview someone whose music you have listened to for years, you jump. Kenny Lee Lewis has been guitarist/bassist/writer/producer for the Steve Miller Band since 1982. That is a small part of Kenny. He works with many other artists, producing, writing, playing. He teaches music to hungry students. He also works with the native Americans (of which he has ancestry lineage to the Cherokee Nation) to help disabled children and as an advocate to the parents with children in schools. All this came out in our conversation and on top of it all, we listened to music from his latest project entitled Two Ton Kitty.



DANIKA HOLMES - Segment Begins At The 1:37:00 Mark

Danika Holmes first sat on The Couch back in July 2010 after her debut album Second Chances was released. Tonight, Danika sat with us again to let us preview music from her newest album Living Your Dream.  We chatted about the recording of the album and played a couple of cuts.


SHOW # 101 - 03/19/12


Roy Howell'smusical career has spanned from being an artist/writer/producer on RCA Records to scoring award-winning music for The Discovery Channel. He is considered one of the best slide guitarists in the world and has recorded with superb singers and musicians from around the globe. Roy discussed the reasons he slowed his musical career down and is now ramping it back up. We chatted about how he used technology to produce music with people around the globe long before most. Roy also shared some news about an upcoming project that is still a secret and three of his songs with us.



PETER PARCEK - Segment Begins At The 52:30 Mark

Peter Parcek'sjourney as a musician began when the Vietnam War erupted and he graduated high school. With the blessings of his mother and the help of a family friend, he relocated to London, England, and found himself in the thick of the British blues explosion. Eventually he was back in the states and continuing to play. We talked about this situation and the many opportunities Peter had to 'study the masters' up close and personal, thus building the stylings he now crafts into music of his own. We listened to a song from the EP and two songs from the album Mathematics Of Love.


SHOW # 102 - 03/26/12


Joel DaSilva has blues running through his veins. Born and raised in Chicago, DaSilva hails from a musical family. His mom and dad traveled through Brazil & the Ukraine, his mom singing and dad accompanying her on the guitar. Joel and I discussed his journey including losing his dad at an early age, learning guitar and being able to incorporate his dad's music with his own on his debut album. Find out how many guitars Joel owns, his hopes for the next five years and the musical direction his second album may take.



ANDY POXON - Segment Begins At The 46:05 Mark

The 17-year old singer/guitarist has been performing around the MD-VA-DC-DE area since 2008. In 2010, Andy received Wammie nominations for Best New Artist of the Year, Best Debut Recording, and Best Blues/Traditional R&B Recording. Andy is currently enrolled in Towson University, in the Jazz Guitar/ Commercial Music degree program. Andy spoke about his love of different music, why he is studying jazz in college and where he wants to be in five years.  Plus we heard music from the album Red Roots.


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