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SHOW # 178 - 09/09/13


Rachelle Coba mastered the finger-picking techniques of classical guitar while earning a Bachelor of Music degree at the UofM. She then chose to apply that facility to electric guitar and began playing the blues. And since that time she has played on stage with some of the best and has been to Memphis for the IBC three times! Rachelle and I discussed her life and world and her new album, Mother Blues, which should be available for purchase very soon.



BLUES411 REPORT - Segment Begins At The 46:30 Mark

A great visit from Chefjimi talking about his new home area, the blues he has seen and those he is going to a little rant, which he does so well!



JAMES BORASKI - Segment Begins At The 1:04:30 Mark

James Boraski came to our attention through ‘Couch Kid’ Marshall Lawrence and we are glad he did! James purchased his first guitar at age 12 and is still writing and playing 40+ years later. He performs in both a solo and also with his band Momentary Evolution. He and Marshall just spent 5+ weeks in the Northwest Territory performing.  This is where James originally built his career and we discussed that and everything else that has brought him to where he is today. James was a great story-teller and this was a fun interview.

SHOW # 179 - 09/16/13


Michael Packer played his first gig in 1965 at the age of 15 at the legendary Bitter End. He led two bands with national recording contracts and toured extensively. Michael succumbed to his demons and spent 10 plus years in his own private hell. How he got clean and the incredible journey that awaited Michael is part of our discussion. We also talk about his music and where he is headed, while listening to Riker's Island Blues.



GINO MATTEO - Segment Begins At The 45:32 Mark

Gino Matteo is a young man with an incredible knowledge and respect for the past; a true student of life. Gino's performances are spontaneous, explosive, and original- a triple threat to the music world. Gino is the definition of an "old soul" with a voice as smooth as velvet but tough as nails. I sat with Gino and we discussed his journey and the many mentors he had along the way. We also discussed his latest release, Sweet Revivalon the Rip Cat label.



ROOMFUL OF BLUES - Segment Begins At The 1:34:05 Mark

Roomful Of Blues, simply 45 years of great music. Phil Pemberton took over lead vocalist duties in 2010. Doug Woolverton joined on trumpet in 2008. The rest of the band is now, Chris Vachon, guitar; John Turner, bass; Rusty Scott, keys; Chris Revelli, drums; Rich Lataille and Mark Early, sax. Phil and Doug joined me to discuss their lives and careers and how they came to become members of this long standing band. During the talk we listened to songs from the latest release 45 LIVE.



BRYAN LEE - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Segment Begins At The 2:21:17 Mark

Bryan Lee originally joined me back in June 2011 and we have been in touch often since and I have had the opportunity to see him live a few times since then. Bryan joined me this evening, on the eve of the release of his new album Play One For Me, his first album on the Severn Label. We discussed his moving to Severn and why he felt he needed the move as well as his time in the studio for this album doing it unlike any he ever had made before. We also got to listen to a number of songs from the album.


SHOW # 180 - 09/23/13


Just a few short years ago, Samantha Fish was unheard of outside her hometown of Kansas the Blues World all know her name. She won a BMA in 2010 for Best Debut Artist.  She has been touring the world and making new fans everywhere she goes. Her new album, Black Wind Howlin' dropped on September 10th and Samantha joined me the evening before she left for a tour of England.  We discussed her beginning to play as a teen and how she got the opportunity to tour Europe on the Ruf Records Girls With Guitars tour WEB SITE       FACEBOOK PAGE


MR SIPP THE MISSISSIPPI BLUES CHILD - Segment Begins At The 44:47 Mark

Mr. Sipp...the Mississippi Blues Child. His real name is Castro Coleman and he has done many genres over his short life.  Now it is the Blues and he is so skilled, he made the final stage at last year's International Blues Challenge. His new album is It's My Guitar and it is filled with some stellar songs and wonderful guitar playing. Castro and I sat and chatted about his long career in Gospel music, which continues as he explores his blues roots.   He talked about getting into the blues to find a new path and his journey to Memphis and how he is going to try and do it all over again.


DR IZZY BAND - Segment Begins At The 1:31:48 Mark

From Colorado, comes the Dr. Izzy Band.  Dr. Izzy has taken her trials and tribulations and laid them out in song.  Blind, a single teen mom, an abusive dad, she fought all the naysayers to become a Chiropractor and then to turn back to her true love, music. And she did it with her partner, Robert Morrison who met Dr Izzy just as she was beginning to sing again. Along with Producer Kenny Passarelli, Dr. Izzy, Robert and I discussed their incredible journeys from before they met until their meeting at a demo recording for some of Dr. Izzy's songs and the path they have traveled together since while checking out songs from their album, Blind & Blues Bound 



MICHAEL POLLITT - Segment Begins At The 2:20:00 Mark

Finally, we head to Australia to speak with Michael Pollitt, who is also known as Mr. Black & Blues. He has toured the world sharing his music, and all this after a surfing accident broke his neck back in 2006. His concept for Mr Black & Blues was formed during that year of recovery. He is back in his native Australia, touring and performing as much as possible. 
One opportunity that came his was is performing on the Blues Train, a unique wonderful Saturday night party. Michael and I spoke about his road back from his injury, why he wanted to record an album on a moving steam train and what he is planning over the next year...and it is ALOT!  We played tunes from Blow These Tracks: Live On The Blues Train.


SHOW # 181 - 09/30/13


I want to tell you a story of three young ladies. Their names are Kiley, Ava & Norah. (ages 8, 9 & 10) You see about a month or so ago, these three young ladies were doing a little dancing at a local blues festival, and people started taking notice of them & handing them tips.  The girls decided they wanted to donate their earnings to the Blues Hall of Fame.  They have never performed a song, and they learned this in 2 days, performed it with Carson Diersing playing guitar (and with a lot of his instruction/guidance) they pulled it off, all in the name of the blues.  I spoke with the girls and they are a joy!


KIYA LACEY - Segment Begins At The 8:00 Mark

Kiya Lacey comes to us from "Couch Kid" Joe Croker.  She is a 18 year old triple threat! A singer, songwriter, and co-owner of Lovely Band hair accessories. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, this young lady has taken in all aspects of Music City. Her debut album was produced by Joe Croker and M. Scott Myrick, both of whom also wrote the songs. Kiya, Joe and Scott talked about how they all met and their journey putting this album together.



LITTLE MIKE & THE TORNADOES - Segment Begins At The 44:54 Mark

Little Mike Markowitz started playing harp at age 14 and took up piano two years later. He started The Tornadoes back in 1978 at the age of 22 and has been sharing his music ever since. Little Mike & The Tornadoes proudly describe themselves as a "working class band" that plays blues with a rock 'n' roll edge. Little Mike and I talked about his finding the blues back in the mid 70's and his journey from then until now.  He talked about the many legendary players he has had the opportunity to work with along the way and we also listened to cuts from the album Forgive Me


CHARLES "BIG DADDY" STALLINGS - Segments Begins At The 1:36:55 Mark

Big Daddy Stallings was born in Columbia, S.C but raised on a farm with ten siblings in Hobbsville, N.C. “he lived the Blues everyday” turning to music for his escape. “Big Daddy” has represented both The Baltimore and D.C Blues Societies at The International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. His new album I Like It When They Call Me Big Daddy is chock full of great blues from Big Daddy and his incredible band. Big Daddy and I began the journey through his long wonderful musical life and barely got through half of it! That said, he will come back to join us in the future to complete our conversation. We did get to hear how he found the guitar and what he learned during his time in Europe as he served in the army.



Segment Begins At The 2:19:15 Mark

Matthew Davidson has been a “Couch Kid” for three years now, since he was 13 years old!
He has since won the Robert Johnson “New Generation” Award in 2011, been selected to join the "Brotherhood Of the Guitar" & played with many of the top musicians in blues today.
He has just released a new single, Heartbreaker and we spoke with Matthew about the great things happening in his life and played the new song.

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