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Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With

"Musicians You Should Know"

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SHOW #131 - 11/05/12


The Charles Walker Band is Charles Walker - Saxophone/Keyboards, Porsche Carmon - Vocals/Hand Percussion, Brad Karas - Bass Guitar, Terence Pettigrew - Drums. Not only are they superlative funk, R&B and blues artists, but their love of every performance fosters that excitement in their audiences. I sat with Charles and we discussed his career and putting this band together.  we also discussed his feeling on music and the classification of music and his thoughts that 'forget the blues and find the groove'. AND...because their new album drops on Saturday, we got to PREMIER two cuts from the upcoming Relentless.



BLUES411 REPORT - Segment Begins At The 46:45 Mark

Chefjimi Patricola came by with his Blues411 Report and to discuss two festivals making their debut this December. He also discussed his interview with Zac Harmon which concerned the state of music and especially the Blues.



ZAC HARMON - Segment Begins At The 56:18 Mark

Zac Harmon needs little introduction to most blues aficionados. Since his high school days performing with Z.Z. Hill, Dorothy Moore and Sam Myers to today, Zac has garnered praise for his musicianship and songwriting skills. Zac came on the same day his interview was published over at and he and I discussed his philosophy on the music industry and why he feels Music Is Medicine and it must evolve to survive. During our talk, we listened to cuts from his excellent album Music Is Medicine.



CHRISTINE OHLMAN - Segment Begins At The 1:48:53 Mark

Christine Ohlman is a powerhouse singer who is the current, long-time vocalist with the Saturday Night Live Band. Her credits are as long as anyone you know, including performing at the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Concert in Cleveland, the Carnegie Hall tribute to the Rolling Stones, and the 2012 WC Handy Festival (where she was the special guest of the Blind Boys Of Alabama). Christine sat with me on this night and took us on her long illustrious journey beginning as a child in her parents living room entertaining her relatives to today, where she is one of the most sought-after vocalists in the business. We listened to cuts from her album The Deep End as we chatted and laughed.


SHOW # 132 - 11/12/12


Harpdog Brown was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, started playing Blues in 1981 and never looked back. In 1994, Harpdog won the prestigious Muddy Award – the only Canadian to receive this honor - and in 1995 was nominated for a Juno Award for Best Blues Album, Home Is Where the Harp Is. Harpdog and I sat and discussed his life and career.  The "WOW" moment he had at 17, which kept him from becoming an accountant! Do you know what instrument Harpdog learned in an afternoon? Listen in and you will learn these things and more. We also listened to music from his latest release ...Naturally.


THE NIGHTHAWKS - Segment Begins At The 52:30 Mark

The Nighthawks current lineup is; Mark Wenner: Vocals, Harmonica; Johnny Castle: Vocals, Bass; Paul Bell: Guitar and Mark Stutso: Drums, Vocals. Formed in 1972 by Mark Wenner, The Nighthawks have been making great music ever since. The lineup may have changed, but the Nighthawks are about Blues & Rock and having fun. Mark and I followed his life leading up to his forming the Nighthawks and continuing the band for the last 40 years. We discussed the resurgence of the band over the last 5 years and how that has impacted the band and his time on his first Blues Cruise recently, including his "delightful sandwich" which occurred on the cruise!


RICK HOLMSTROM - Segment Begins At The 1:38:25 Mark

Rick Holmstrom grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, surrounded by the sounds of 50's rock, 60's surf, folk, and the Beatles. Since he found the guitar in 1986, Rick has been playing almost constantly, experimenting with his sound - and at times losing fans - to develop his own sound. Rick and I discussed his childhood and his DJ father and how he took a young man's love of British rock and led him to its origins in the blues. We also had a long discussion on the music Rick has been creating, including the Hydraulic Groove album which turned the blues world on the side with it's innovation. We also checked out some tunes from Rick's latest Cruel Sunrise.


SHOW # 133 - 11/16/12


Knowing Cee Cee James and Rob "Slideboy" Andrews would be leaving the mid-south area and moving back to the Northwest, I had tried to set up a show in Memphis, but was unable to find a date. Then Cee Cee called and asked if I wanted to host a webcast of a live performance by she and Rob at The Leslie Cafe in Leslie, Arkansas. It took me about thislong to say yes. What you will hear is 2 45 minute sets with Cee Cee and Rob performing as a duo. Their high energy, soul seering, skin-drenching blues in an intimate setting along with an open talk during their set-break. Enjoy! The drop-out has been fixed in this version.


SHOW # 134 - 11/19/12


Lydia Warren tours internationally from Brooklyn to Beirut, the Boston-based performer tours and records as a solo act and with her band. The Lydia Warren Band has been nominated for a Boston Music Award, appeared on NBC’s Today Show and has released five albums. Lydia came on and discussed her career, which began very early on, and where she is today.  Not only is the woman a fantastic songwriter, singer and guitarist...she is a full-time student! There is much more to be found out when you check out the podcast.



J EDWARDS - Segment Begins At The 50:50 Mark

J Edwards is songwriter, musician, arranger and one of the most intriguing vocalists of our time. Old school, new school and everything between is what you get from the first moment hearing him. J and I talked about his origins in Christian music and his decision to move into the world of secular music. He told us of his journey to the IBC last year and his hopes to hit the road hard in 2013.



NO REFUND BAND - Segment Begins At The 1:32:50 Mark

The No Refund Band is Mike Crownover (guitar), Ricky Jackson (vocals/guitar) and Rik Robertson (bass) and features Anthony Terry (saxophone), Jim Brady (trumpet), and Walter Cross (drums). Mike, Rik, Ricky and (sometimes) Anthony sat with me to talk about their careers leading up to the formation of this incarnation of The No Refund Band...and it would appear from the music they make and the fun they have, this could be the last incarnation. This one was fun!


SHOW # 135 - 11/26/12


Gina originally Sat On The Couch back in May of 2011 and on this night, she stopped by to talk about her fan-funding campaign for her album It Wasn't Real



KEITH PATTERSON - Segment begins At The 10:00 marM

The Keith Patterson Band is; Keith Patterson/guitars/writer, John Taylor/drums, Drew Jacobs/bass, Brian Mckenzie/guitar/lap slide guitar, Danny Korzelius/Lead Vocals and hail from the Myrtle Beach, SC. The band plays their version of blues-infused rock and are gaining fans wherever they play. Keith joined me to discuss his career and the direction for his new album, due out in 2013.  We discussed the band's makeup and why they are not out on the road often.


CORTEZ & THE KILLERS - Segment Begins At The 54:55 Mark

From South Carolina comes the band Cortez & The Killers. The band was officially formed in 2009 & is quickly developing a following both at home in the USA as well as in Europe. Eugene Cortez, lead vocalist and band leader joined me to discuss his life and how he got to a point where he wanted to start his own band. We heard about the formation of the band, where they are going in 2013 and some information on their sophomore album, due in 2013.



MITCH WOODS - Segment Begins At The 1:32:18 Mark

Since the early 1980s Mitch Woods has been touring and recording with his band, the Rocket 88s. Woods calls his music, "rock-a-boogie," and with his backing band has retrospectively provided a 1940s and 1950s jump blues style. Mitch joined me to talk about his career beginning in Brooklyn and now, touring every corner of the world.  We talked about the new album, Blues Beyond Borders, recorded live in Istanbul and Mitch's belief that there is no borders when it comes to music.


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