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Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With

"Musicians You Should Know"

JUNE 2012
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SHOW # 111 - 06/04/12


With one small post on Facebook, Chefjimi began a charge that changed the way musicians were to be treated at the merchandise tent during the 2012 Chicago Blues Festival. The word began to spread, emails were sent to Chicago Jazz Magazine (the organization running the tent), and eventually cooler heads prevailed and the commission structure was rolled back to 25% from the original 45%. The power of social media shown once again. Chefjimi and I discussed the events of last week.  But this classically trained chef does more that stir the pot.  He is a loyal friend to the musicians of the blues, offering them an outlet and showing his support in all he does with his wonderful music venture


THE BUSH LEAGUE - Segment Begins At The 25:00 Mark

The Bush League,  from Richmond, John Jay Cecil on vocals, Shane Parch on Guitar, Royce Folks on Bass and new drummer Debbie Flood bring their hard driving funky blues with them wherever they play. I first met them at this year's International Blues Challenge and became a fan. We talked about their lives and early careers and how The Bush league formed. We also listened to their album The Bush League Rocks The National. Want to find out about the struggles of a band trying to get to Memphis for the IBC? Listen in to this episode.  We also get to hear some cuts from the band showing off their energetic live sets.


SHOW #112 - 06/11/12


Juke Joint Jonnyis a Blues man, band leader, singer, songwriter and historian. Born in Newark, New Jersey in 1950, he was introduced at a very young age to the “Folk Blues” by sharecroppers who moved North and shared their music and culture in the ethnically diverse neighborhood of his youth. Jonny is one of those guests where the history is not complete. What was he doing for the last 20 years or so? Obviously he was playing can't be as good as he is and not paid your dues. During our talk, I was able to get Jonny to talk about going to Vietnam, spending time in Europe and his journey around the USA during that time.
We also heard cuts from his album Pure and Simple which dropped the next morning.

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THE 44's - Segment Begins At The 48:20 Mark

The 44s are a Los Angeles-based band who play blues-roots-rock music. The band consists of Johnny Main on vocals and guitar, Tex Nakamura on harmonica, bassist Mike Turturro and drummer J. R. Lozano. On this night, Johnny and Mike joined me to discuss their lives and careers and the band they have been a part of for 4 years. Johnny spoke of how he and his dad bargained for his first guitar and Mike told us about playing with his dad's band when he was 14. They were great discussing the way The 44s came about and their philosophies on the music scene in LA and around the country. We also got to hear three songs from Americana, a wonderful homage to the great blues players of the past who the band respect. 


SHOW #113 - 06/18/12


Keaton Simons plays music simply because he has to. With an extensive palate, including a degree in Ethnomusicology, Keaton's craving for a diverse musical adventure has pushed him into many different genres. During Keaton's time on The Couch we found the above to be so very true. We walked through Keaton's life and career and listened to some of his music. You might know Keaton's really learn how Keaton's brain is wired.



ROBIN BANKS - Segment Begins At The 47:19 Mark

Robin Banks is comfortable with Jazz, Classic R&B and Soul, even Reggae, she's also known for her bold and brassy, classy but sassy, Texas & Chicago electric Blues style. This woman has it all...talent and the drive to make it happen. On this night we talked about her time in Dallas and Jamaica and her new album, which she is helping to fund through pre-sales. We also listened to music from her Permanent Record and Honestly albums.



OMAR KENT DYKES - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC - Segment Begins At The 1:35:35

Back in February when Omar Kent Dykes, the brains and soul behind Omar & The Howlers, sat on The Couch to discuss the then about to be released Essential Collection album he said he would stop back when the new album they were working on was ready. True to his word, Omar brought the new Howlers album, I'm Gone, and we got to play it for y'all the night before it was to drop. Omar talked with such enthusiasm about the recording sessions and playing with his friends on this album. The album is on his new record label Big Guitar records...find out what Omar has planned for the label and his future.


SHOW # 114 - 06/25/12


Terry Robb began his career in Portland as a hot-shot guitar-slinger who could play any style of music and excel at them all. At an early age, inspired by his uncle, a professional swing guitarist, Robb immersed himself in all the blues, ragtime, folk, jazz, and country music he could lay his guitar-picking fingers on. We discussed his time with John Fahey, who mentored Terry when he was young and also discussed his recording history. During our chat we heard music from Terry's latest Muddyvishnu, which he released on his own label PsycheDelta Records.



JT COLDFIRE - Segment Begins At The 47:53 Mark

JT Coldfire has played professionally for over 15 of his 31 years from Texas to New York and across the pond in Europe. Throughout his career, JT has gained the reputation as one of the hardest working musicians in Austin, sometimes playing 3 shows in a single evening never repeating the same song twice for over 9 hours of live performance. We poke about his desire from an early age for all things with strings. He described the challenge his brother gave him that involved a Stevie Ray Vaughn album. A challenge JT completed, but not until after the untimely death of his brother. JT talked about his latest album Always and Neverand where the title came from and how it resonates in his life. We also heard music from that album.


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