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Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With

"Musicians You Should Know"

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SHOW # 79 - 11/07/11


Nick Black is a Memphis native. His sound is a blend of R&B, Soul, and even Neo-Soul, combining Soulful tunes with a hip-hop lyric. Recently, Nick was asked to join Couch friend Victor Wainwright & The Wildroots and he is playing the blues. Nick and I discussed his journey in music and where he is expecting it to go in the future. Nick even took the opportunity to turn the tables and asked me a question! We also heard three songs from The Soul Diaries, the album he has been building and releasing in parts on the internet.


JOHNNY CHILDS -  Segment Begins At The 49:00 Mark

Born into an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish family, but with an urge for creativity, Johnny Childs was a wild-child. Playing, writing, performing with a goal of landing that big record deal, Childs is a road warrior with a strong sense of self-preservation and promotion. He spent 8 years chronicling this drive and the result of that is the movie The Junkman's Son, which has been submitted for a nomination in the 2012 Blues Music Awards. His latest album has received wonderful reviews and Johnny was a great guest as we discussed his life and music and listened to three songs from the album Groove.


SHOW # 80 - 11/14/11


The tandem of Suzanne Foschino and Sly Geralds are the creators of the F&G Band featuring Edlene Hart. They put the band together and write all the music for this band that captures your musical ear with a combination of blues, funk, soul and R&B. Both came and sat on The Couch for an entertaining visit where we explored their pasts and how they put the F&G Band together, while checking out some cool cuts from the album Greasing Up Yo Strutt.



Had Skpye problems, so Anni Piper was rescheduled

SHOW # 81 - 11/21/11


Having lived in Japan and Spain for much of her life, Rahe developed a musical style that truly is world-music. This talented young lady sat with me on The Couch and discussed her life, her music and her dreams for the future. We also heard songs from her album Out Of The Box with her band IllumiNation a collection of varied influences featuring Rahe on vocals and nylon string acoustic guitar, a saxophone quartet (alto, tenor and two baritones), and drums.



HOPE WAITS - Segment Begins At The 47:03 Mark

Hope Waits brings her difficult childhood and loss of parents to her music. Having to leave home at 15 to escape the turmoil, Hope moved to S. Carolina to be with her older sister. During our chat, Hope expounded on the difficulties in her home and the how the loss of her mother brought music deep into her life. And through it all, she dealt with a hearing loss without letting anyone know. How, after having operations to fix the situation, how did it effect her singing? Hope tells us all. We also get to hear songs from her debut album, Introducing Hope Waits.



CHARLIE MORRIS - COUCH KID NEW MUSIC -Segment Begins At The 1:36:48 Mark 

Charlie Morris first sat on The Couch back in March of 2010. On this night he came to talk about his latest release The Forest, a collection of songs steeped as much in country music as much as the blues. Charlie and I discussed the the recording of the album and the players who joined him and listened to the album.


SHOW # 82 - 11/28/11


Imagine getting up to sing in public for the first time and having major stage fright. Then imagine not performing for some 20 years and finding a blues jam and being called on stage (well, maybe it wasn't you they were calling, but you jumped up anyway). Then imagine recording an album that receives rave reviews and for your next album you receive nominations for some of the highest honors in blues. Well, if you can imagine those things, your name would be Karen Lovely and this woman with the huge voice out of Portland sat with me on The Couch and discussed her life and career. Her newest album, Still The Rain, is a tour de force and we played songs from the album throughout the interview.



ROBBIE LAWS - Segment Begins At The 55:00 Mark

Robbie Laws hails from the Portland area. He has been killing crowds with his stellar guitar playing for over 15 years. In that time he has released 5 albums and has appeared on stage with some of the best the blues world has to offer. This year he and his band have earned the right to travel to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge.  I spoke with Robbie about his life, his music and the music school he and his wife ran for years while listening to music from his latest album Live In Seattle From The Triple Door.


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